Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up

We offer crime scene clean up and trauma cleaning services.

Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up

After the police and other agencies have processed a crime or accident scene, the area will be turned over to a team of professionals who will clean it up, remove any bio-hazard trash, and, if feasible, return it to a safe, clean environment.

Our Trauma Services

Murders, suicides, unidentified deaths, accidents, and terrorism can all leave a trail of potentially hazardous chemicals or things that must be carefully removed. Because Clearway has been the official Metropolitan Police crime scene and trauma clean-up partner since 2009, we will handle these circumstances professionally and compassionately.

Human blood, body fluids and tissue, chemicals, maggot and fly infestations, and other harmful materials such as drug-related paraphernalia are routinely left behind at a crime or accident scene. All of these are considered bio-hazards that must be cleaned up, removed, and disposed of.